Some of Our Differentiating Initiatives

(a) Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) Initiative by Achieverz Classes
We as a professionals understand our responsibility towards the society we live in. So to fulfill our social obligation we will provide substantial discounts in the fees to the bright and meritorious students from the lower strata of the society.
We are reserving 10% seats in our institute for such meritorious students and we will teach them for free.

(b) Soft skills development of our students
Our highly experienced team will work overtime to improve and enhance the communication skills and interview facing techniques in our students. This will help our students in all their future endeavors.

(c) Group of Mentors
We have created a group of mentors for our students. These mentors are senior professionals from the Industry and Government Organizations having the relevant experience. Our students and their parents can approach these mentors to seek advice about the future and carrier prospects of the students.

(d) Special Actions for the welfare of the students

(i) Student Welfare Society
With the help of eminent citizens of the city and various service providers we will work overtime to provide our students Safe, Secure and Healthy environment for studies, boarding and lodging.
(ii) Students care unit
Our students can approach our faculty and administration team any time for their various academic and non academic problems.

(e) Exhaustive and High Quality Study Material
Our faculty members and management team have designed a high quality and relevant study material commensurate with latest entrance examination trends and patterns for our students. The study material is simplified for easy comprehension and its content which is exam – based and result – centric prepare students for exemplary success in entrance exams.

(f) Low teacher students’ ratio
We would keep a low student teacher ratio so as to give faculty members adequate time to constantly strive for making their teaching more effective. This would also provide each student a personalized attention. This will also help faculty in adapting the teaching methodology to meet individual student’s needs.

(g) Assignments

On each topic we would provide Graded levels of assignments of varying difficulty. Those would help our students develop application and analytical skills required for IIT-JEE/AIEEE, PMT and any other competitive exam. Assignments would contain objective as well as subjective type problems helping the students develop the core fundamental knowledge of the subject, so that the student could face any pattern of exams.

(h) Periodic Tests and communication of Results and performance
We will test the students on a regular basis. Test papers have also being designed to check the preparedness of our students on every subject. Every test given by the student would give him more confident to prepare for IIT-JEE & PMT.

The test results will be communicated to both the parents and the students. A thorough analysis of the test results will help the students understand their areas of weaknesses and strengths. Apart from the test results, we will also provide regular Information to parents about absenteeism, performance and progress through individual letters & emails.

(i) Integrated approach of teaching
We will take an integrated approach to the teaching so that students are prepared not only for the entrance exams but also for school/board exams.

(j) Simplifying the complicated matters
The entire study material of the course is prepared by our experienced teachers themselves, and this would ensure a perfect correlation between what is taught in the class and the study material provided. While preparing these lessons, our expert faculty has ensured that the approach is not bookish and the basics are presented in a straight-forward manner which is simple to understand.

(k) Special doubt clearing classes
Special doubt clearing classes will be held regularly so that the students are able to clarify any doubts about any topic.

In the specific context of specialized coaching for competitive examinations for engineering and medicine, Achieverz has developed specialized training modules that employ some of the most advanced training methods.

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