Who is Our Target?

Our expertise being niche education, we plan to begin in Dehradun with a specific niche module which is directed at students who are highly likely to display the potential for success at IIT-JEE/AIIMS level competitive exams after class 10 and therefore are encouraged by their parents to join a good coaching centre, but their likelihood of success recedes astonishingly because they get bogged down.

In any batch of students it is not difficult to map out skill, talent and competitiveness. There are a bunch of students who score extremely well in all areas consistently through their later schooling years, the proverbial first benchers.

Then there are the proverbial backbenchers.

There is no proverb for the middle benchers.
We are interested in them!

Being globally recognized as the B- (minus) or the 70-85 percent bunch, this group of children is largely ignored in terms of attending to their pace of learning. We want to tap this talent. At Achievers, we have developed specific modules that are designed for this group.

Our faculty is specially trained to re-inculcate notions of excellence in students who don’t know what’s going wrong? They simply cannot work problems beyond a certain level.

The point is we’re not here to make the bright, brighter. Instead we want to build the career of those children who cannot shine properly in the light of their peers.

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