Dream PMT : A Two Year Integrated Program for NEET/AIIMS

Duration: Two Years during XI and XII
No of weeks: Approx 43
Course commencement: April/July
Eligibility: Students who have appeared for class X board exams.

Batch 1- Starting April

This is an innovative program which is meant for the student of class XI who wish to start preparing for the entrance examinations early. The program concentrates on clearing the basic concepts and then processed to the level of PMT. This is the best program which will help the students in both PMT and Board exams.


Batch 2-Starting July

This program is meant for those students who miss the opportunity to enroll themselves in Batch 1 Program in April. It also gives ample time to the student to make up his/her mindset for PMT.

The duration of this program is 7 weeks less in comparison to Batch1 program; however the Curriculum, Methodology & Study Material is absolutely a replica of Batch1 program. This program is more intense and the frequency of lectures in a week in this program varies from 4-5 lectures per subject.

Focus and Objectives of the Program

It is an integrated program which will prepare the students for PMT and Board Exams.

The program will train the students to think analytically and will equip them with a systematic approach to problem solving. The rigor and precision of the course will raise the students to the very zenith of their preparation. The stimulating atmosphere of the institute, small batch size and one to one interaction with the faculty members will ensure that every rough edge is smoothened, every small doubt is cleared.

The frequency of classes in this program is 3-4 lectures per subject per week. Regular periodic tests will be conducted to evaluate the learning of students. Students will be given Daily Practice Questions (DPQ) to work at their homes. DPQ will help the students to have a very strong command over fundamental concepts.

Monthly tests will be held to judge the preparation levels of the students. The results of these tests will be communicated to the parents as well.
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