Dream PMT: One Year Integrated Program for NEET/AIIMS

Duration: One Year during class XII
No. of Hours: Approx 500 hours
Course commencement: April
Eligibility: Students who have appeared for class XI annual exams.

Focus and Objective of the program

This program is for XII undergoing students preparing for PMT This course maximizes probability of selection in entrance along with XII itself. This course also indirectly helps students to score high in the Board Exams with great ease and confidence.

This program will cover PMT syllabus along with Class XII PCB syllabus. Portion of Class XI PCB will not be taught separately however it will be taken up only through Daily Practice Questions (DPQ). This course will prepare you in right earnest to teach you the ways that are required to take on the PMT head on at the end of class XII. The program will train you to think analytically and will equip you with a systematic approach to problem solving. The emphasis will be on making the students imbibe the fundamental concepts of Science & Biology. This program will enable the students to excel not only in PMT but also in XII Board Exams.

The frequency of classes in this program is 3-4 lectures per subject per week. Regular periodic tests will be conducted to evaluate the learning of students. Students will be given Daily Practice Questions (DPQ) to work at their homes. DPQ will help the students to have a very strong command over fundamental concepts.
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