Why should a faculty choose Achieverz Classes
We are starting our foray in the challenging field of education. We have the fire in our belly and desire to success. We strive for excellence. We will be the equal opportunity employer and we will be rewarding the hard work and commitment. We will work hard and party even harder.

We want to make achieverz classes the one of the leading brands in the times to come so we intend to work hard and we expect the same from you too. Since we are new in this area and committed to grow fast you all will have a lot of opportunities of growth and advancement.We are looking for people who have an excellent attitude, perseverance and a penchant to work in an ever challenging environment.

First and foremost we need a person with good value system. Achieverz Classes will work on a simple philosophy of Commitment. So every member of our team will exhibit utmost dedication in whatever responsibility is entrusted to him/her.

Team work will be another virtue we desire in our team members. The total success of our institute will hinge on efficient team work.

People who strive for excellence can only become our part. We will always be on the lookout for talented, learned individuals who are ambitious, who loves challenges and who have passion to excel.

Who Should Apply
Anyone who wants to be a part of our Institute should posses certain qualities. These qualities are:

1.Total command over subject matter
2.Excellent communication skills
3.A winning attitude and appetite for challenge
4.Commitment and sincerity
5.Needs an honest, transparent and supportive work culture which promotes talent
6.Aspires to make a career in teaching

The Rewards

Salary packages at Achieverz Classes are at par, with any other industry. For every position in our institute the candidates will get the compensation package commensurate with their experience and skills. Moreover a good salary is just one of the benefits at Achiverz Classes. The real rewards are personality & knowledge development. As you know the institute is being started by the professionals so as you work with us you will acquire the right personality traits that will ensure the success in future.

Desired profile for a faculty member
To become a faculty in Achieverz Classes you should be

1. M.Sc in Physics/ Chemistry/ Mathematics/ Botany/Zoology, The students in the final years of their M.Sc. courses can also apply.

2. B.Tech Graduate from IITs and other reputed engineering institutes. The students in the final years of their courses can also apply.

3. An MBBS doctor from any reputed medical college. The students in the final years of their MBBS courses can also apply.

4 .Expert Teachers in Physics/ Chemistry/ Mathematics/ Botany/Zoology teaching in any institute/college/University of repute.

5. Secondary school teacher who are keen to work in a highly motivated & systematic environment of Medical Entrance and IIT-JEE training.

6. An expert in IIT-JEE / Engineering/Medical Entrance Exams training working at any other institute keen to work in our highly motivated & disciplined culture with professional management.

7. An expert in NTSE, Olympiads training.

Work and Responsibilities of a faculty member

We are enlisting some of the responsibilities that a faculty member is expected to carry

Classroom Teaching: Every faculty member will teach his/her assigned subject in the class room.

Content Development: Every faculty member will develop or help in the development of the content for the Achieverz Classes. The content will include the Study material, Books, Test papers, and online program content.

Tests, Analysis and Reports: Each faculty member will help in test papers preparation for entrance examination/Periodic/weekly/monthly/half yearly/annul or any other tests of the students of the institute.

The faculty will also help to conduct such exams, in the evaluation and analysis of the test papers and preparation of the test results/reports and the communication thereof.

Business development: Each faculty member will participate actively in all the activities for the business development of the institute such as counseling, contact programs, promotion programs, workshops, school programs, campus initiatives, road shows and event management etc.

Centre management: Each faculty member will help actively in the management and the administration of the centre.

Given above are some of the works and responsibilities that each faculty member will carry apart from the activities that will be entrusted to them from the management committee of the institute.

A word of caution

No faculty member will indulge in any activity which is detrimental to the Reputaion and or the Business of the Achieverz Classes. Anyone found indulgent in such activities that are detrimental to the reputation or the business of the institute will be liable to face the strict disciplinary action which may result to the immediate expulsion from the institute.


We at Achiverz Classes will follow a very rigorous, stringent and multistage process for the selection of our faculty members. The various stages of the selection are:

1. Written Test

Each candidate will have to undertake a written test which will consist of two papers

(a) Subject Test Paper

(b) I.Q. Test Paper

There could be negative marking for wrong answers.

2. Group Discussion

Candidates, shortlisted on the basis of written test, will be asked to participate in a Group Discussion, on any topic of general interest. The group discussion will be held to judge the following qualities in the candidates.

* Leadership qualities.
* Command over Language.
* Ability to think out of box.

3. Model Lecture

Each candidate will have to demonstrate his/her teaching abilities by giving a model lecture. The candidates can choose to lecture on one or two topics of their choice. The model lecture will help in judging the

* In depth knowledge and clarity of concepts in the chosen topic.
* Ability to solve the problems.
* Ability to develop the topic from the basics.
* Problem solving methodology.

Communication skills.

In case of model lecture a candidate is expected to touch level of excellence on the chosen topic. Hence, he/she needs to concentrate even more on the topics chosen for model lecture.

Please note that model lecture is an important criterion for selection. A person not able to perform well in the model lecture may be rejected even if he/she does extremely well in written test, group discussion and has excellent track record.

Personal Interviews

This is the final stage of the selection process. The candidates who clear the first 3 stages of the selection process will be invited for the personal interviews.

All the candidates may please note that Quality rather than quantity will be your key to success.

We are giving names of a few books etc. for preparation/ recap.


1. Resnik & Halliday.

2. H.C. Verma.


1. IIT Chemistry – O.P. Aggarwal,

2. Numerical Chemistry – Dr. P. Bahadur

3. Organic Chemistry – Solomon

4. Inorganic Chemistry – J.D. Lee

5. Physical Chemistry – Atkin


1. M.L. Khanna.

2. A. Majeed

3. Dinesh Attri

4. Problem Plus – IIT Mathematics – A. Das Gupta

5. S. L. Loni


All the selected candidates are required to enter into a legal bond / contract to serve the Achieverz Classes for a minimum period, generally of 3 years. We will take the legal contract very seriously.

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