Inauguration of “Chengdu Textile College Raidy Boer Garment School”

Leading the Fashion Industry by Enhancing the Foundation of Garment Industry

——Inauguration of Raidy Boer Garment School in Chengdu Textile College

October 19, 2012, Chengdu – Following the graduation of senior students, the college received the promising freshmen. After the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation agreement between Raidy Boer and Chengdu Textile College in June, the inauguration ceremony of Chengdu Textile College Raidy Boer Garment School is launched today in the college. This symbolizes implementation of the plan of joint cultivation of high-quality professional talents in garment industry.



Fostering rising stars in garment industry by Building professional talents

The simple but solemn inauguration ceremony commenced with the speech by President Yin Ximing of Chengdu Textile College. As the only independent textile academy in Southwest China, it exerts all the energy in cultivating professional and technical talents in garment industry. In the meantime, it continues to deepen exchanges and cooperation with enterprises as well as with foreign countries. This strategic cooperation between Raidy Boer and Chengdu Textile College is a creation in cross-field cooperation between garment enterprises and textile academies in the form of title sponsorship to jointly cultivate professional talents in garment industry.

Mr. Liu Changming, Chairman of the Board of Raidy Boer Fashion Garment Co., Ltd., delivered a speech at the inauguration ceremony. According to him, it can be learned from the development of Raidy Boer that talents are valuable in enhancing the enterprise's competitiveness. Large number of talents can promote the international competitiveness of Chinese brands. It is talents that will help Raidy Boer realize its ever flourishing business. Raidy Boer places great value on the advantages of Chengdu Textile College in cultivating professional and technical talents. As a garment enterprise seeking global presence, it intends to provide more high-quality human resource to support the development of garment industry in Sichuan and help more outstanding industrial giants to go step by step from Sichuan to other part of China and eventually to the overseas market. This is the primary intention an important part of the internationalization development strategy of the company to set up Raidy Boer Garment School.




Introducing international talents while trying to build local ones

Indeed, garment industry is a labor-intensive industry. According to the Twelfth Five-year Plan, the central government focuses on promoting industrial transformation and upgrading and garment industry, a traditionally advantageous industry in China, is included. With the continuous development of garment industry, it will be transformed from a labor-intensive industry to a knowledge-intensive industry, China will be turned from a country with large garment industry to one with strong garment industry, and the garment industry will shift its focus on production to integration of the entire industrial chain. All these transformations require a solid human resource foundation. During the interview, student representative of Chengdu Textile College cannot help revealing her expectation: "Garment industry is fascinating. Professionalism of Chengdu Textile College and market practice of Raidy Boer will definitely bring us more opportunities and experience. We will innovate constantly in our study and work hard to become a star in the fashion field in the future."

Obviously, the foundation of "Raidy Boer Garment School" is not merely a "golden plan" for Raidy Boer to attract talents and gather strength for its international operation. It is in line with the idea of Raidy Boer to focus on brand operation while enhancing design and R&D and market channel management. These two crucial links are knowledge-intensive. In early years, Raidy Boer mainly emphasized on introducing international talents. Now, it places equal stress on bringing in international talents and cultivating local talents. Such transition is in concordance with the idea of China to transform from a country with abundant labor to a knowledge-based powerhouse. It is believed that Raidy Boer will continue to achieve extraordinary success in the process of going global.

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