Belief in Fashion

Introduction to the Brand

       GHILARO is a proprietary brand of Raidy Boer Garment Co., Ltd. GHILARO, with "Fashion in Belief" as the core of concept and an international team as its designer. Its design concept absorbs and inherits the advanced and exquisite international fabrication process and fashion design style.

       The target consumers of GHILARO are young upstarts, new prominent white collar and men pursuing a life of good taste. With the exquisite fabrication process of fashion garment and the cutting-edge design concept as the core, it continuously creates novel dressing experiences for the target consumers. After years' growth and transformation, GHILARO has become a fashion brand for the young generation to release self, express freedom and extend individuality, and is promoting the most diversified, freshest and finest fashion elements and fashion tide to the world.

       GHILARO's products of each season are made by the international team, a perfect combination of the elegant taste of Italian style and the harmonic and precise orient design. Meanwhile, designers' concepts are displayed to various consumers in a perfect manner through the high-quality and fashionable fabrics and trimmings from all over the world.

       For its features of fashion, romantics, personalization and intense energy, GHILARO is widely recognized by consumers of five continents, and the overseas market has successively covered over 20 countries, including the USA, Italia, Germany, Spain, Russia, etc. It's over 200 special counters and franchised stores in China are the best choice of numerous free, easy and passionate tastemakers with deep connotation.

Latest Products
Description of products for 2013 spring and summer

       Luxury of the generation has become a slogan and hollow in some way. What is luxury? How expensive a product is could it be deemed as a luxury? There are no such criteria!

       Actually, a real luxury is a superior-quality product made with extensive time and extraordinary dedication. To most of the people, loose garment means comfortable, however, the real master hand is the one being dashing in the garment while feeling comfortable. A luxury life is the quality of enjoying such time in a limited way.

       CRAFTSMAN'S LABO is the place where a skillful craftsman practices day after day, explores and makes an achievement. It's a space with anxious, torment, light of dream and persistent effort of skillful craftsmen until achieving the ultimate paramount satisfaction and making a new step forward. GHILARO 2013SS makes "luxury is the thickness of time" as the theme, and the intensive and careful work of craftsmen is the best interpretation of luxury!

International Team

Marco Ciampalini
/Chief Designer
Marco Ciampalini
His most distinguishing characteristic is his thirst for knowledge, especially his desire to understand people's various modes of life. Moreover, he is always studying despite of his creative tailoring concept and remarkable talent. Through cooperation with Marithe and Francois Girbaud at Paris, France, he got an opportunity to learn about tailor made while researching garment and style and the concept of three-dimensional cutting, thus gathered extensive experiences in garment design. His cooperation with Neil Barrett (the former Design Director of GUCCI and PRADA and the former Creative Director of PUMA) even made him more popular in the sector.

Mr. Fabio.caselli opened his personal studio as early as 1980s, and has made achievements in photographing, furniture exhibition, featured handiwork, etc. He is dedicated to creation and always highly sensitive to the fashion trend. He is an expert to incorporate the architecture with the design, and his exhibition ideas are spread all over the world. At present, he works for LIU JO and GHILARO.

Sales Network

Overseas sales distribution of Raidy Boer
Germany:Frankfurt, Schwandorf
Greece: Kamus Cina, Peristéri
Czech Republic:Prague
Russia:Kaliningrad, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Amur Oblast, Astrakhan, Barnaul, Kazan, Rostov, Sochi, Chelyabinsk
Ukraine:Kiev, Donetsk
New Zealand:Auckland
South Africa:Johannesburg
India: New Delhi

Distribution of GHILARO stores in China:
Zhejiang: Deqing Franchised Store, Lin'an Franchised Store, and special counters at Yintai Hangzhou, Yintai Linping, Tonglu Franchised Store, Yintai Ningbo   Jiangsu: Special counters at Springland Yixing, Wuxi Yaohan, Springland Jiangyin, Ma'anshan Yaohan, Zhenjiang Yaohan, Springland Liyang, Springland Jintan, Springland Danyang   Liaoning: Dandong Zhenxing District Store, Liaoyang Wusheng Road Store, and special counters at Zhongxing Commercial Building, Shenyang, Tiexi Xinmate, Anshan Xinmate and Panjin Xinmate   Guangxi: Nanning Dream Island, Nanning Crystal City   Guizhou: Bijie and Tongren Integrated Stores, and stores at Shachong Road, Guiyang, Youzhuang Road, Kaili and Aomen Road, Zunyi   Fujian: Xianyou Integrated Store   Shandong: Qingdao Franchised Store   Anhui: Wuhu Global Era   Hunan: Chenzhou Image Store, Yiyang Integrated Store, and special counters at Changsha New World Department Store, Changsha Apollo Commercial Plaza, Changsha Friendship Store   Hubei: Hanyang, Wuhan, Wuhan Grandocean, Shiyan Wuyan Department Store, Chibi Integrated Store   Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region: Uygur D&L Fashion Square, Uygur Century Ginwa Plaza   Yunnan: Chuxiong Franchised Store, Dali Changshan Road Store, Lijiang Franchised Store, Mengzi Franchised Store, Qujing Fashion Store, Wenshan Integrated Store, Yuxi Franchised Store   Tibet Autonomous Region: Lhasa Beijing Road Store, Lhasa Deji Road Store, Lhasa Yutuo Road Store, Nyingchi Franchised Store   Chongqing: Fuling Integrated Store, Beibei Image Store, Changshou Franchised Store, Fengjie Franchised Store, Kaixian Ankang Road Store, Nanping Pedestrian Street Store, Yubei Chang'an Lidu Store, Wanzhou Baiyan Road Store, Wushan Mid Guangdong Road Store, Yongchuan Integrated Store, Yubei Shengli Road Store, Yudong Integrated Store, Zhongxian Bawang Road Store, Yunyang Integrated Store   Sichuan: Chengdu Yipin Tianxia Store, Chengdu Zongfu Road Store, Chengdu Jiaoda Store, Chengdu Jinyang Road Store, Panzhihua Franchised Store, Xichang Franchised Store, Zigong Franchised Store, Bazhong Nanquan Store, Deyang Franchised Store, Luzhou Franchised Store, Guangyuan Franchised Store, Neijiang Franchised Store, Suining Franchised Store……

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